About Us

We're a Canadian family and we moved to beautiful Bristol for work in January 2011. We like to get out as much as we can and people often ask us about the details of our trips. So, we thought we would start this blog in case it helped other young families plan their adventures. There's three of us:


  • DESCRIPTION: Energetic adult male rarely observed without facial hair (though patterns may vary). 
  • HABITAT: Weekdays found at the University of Bristol conducting fascinating research in the area of visual ecology. On weekends can be found in a variety of habitats from canoe polo pitches to mountain tops.   
  • FEEDING HABITS: Carnivore by choice, herbivore by marriage.
  • LOCOMOTION: Bicycle.
  • OBSERVATION TIPS: Be very careful when approaching as this individual has a tendency to spontaneously remove his clothing and jump in various bodies of water naked.

  • DESCRIPTION: Adult female with somewhat less facial hair than male of same species. 
  • HABITAT: Commonly found in her home office where she writes about science...or spends long periods of time gazing at the computer screen. Preferred habitat, however, is garden, tennis court, woodlands, rivers, bike trails...
  • FEEDING HABITS: Herbivore with a sweet tooth.
  • LOCOMOTION: Upright (usually).
  • OBSERVATION TIPS: Has tendency to stick tongue out when being photographed.

  • DESCRIPTION: Juvenile male with a cheeky grin.
  • HABITAT: Frequently found at primary school in the company of other juveniles of species. When in his home range he prefers the company of companion species - two guinea pigs. 
  • FEEDING HABITS: Omnivore that consumes most daily calories before 9am.
  • LOCOMOTION: Tries to avoid it at all costs.
  • OBSERVATION TIPS: Recommend approaching with ear protection as this individual tends to talk non-stop during all hours of consciousness.